When the territory is empty, how does one map the way?

October 2022

Last week I listened to Joe Rogan interview Steve Jobs. Among other things, they discussed ancient Hindu texts, Buddhism, LSD, and haw Apple could beat…

June 2022

When people take a sabbatical, they usually focus their time on life apps. But it wouldn’t be unreasonable to take an infrastructure sabbatical every…

May 2022

“Filip, why would you spend 20 years working on one book?” This is why. 👇 Many of us struggle to understand why the world has become so polarized. We…
The conflict unfolding on the ground of Eastern Europe is creating changes in the deeply-felt realms that make up our concept of Eastern Europe—what I…

April 2022

This is a perfect exercise in free will. You can now influence your future to a limited extent. But will you? Do you actually have the freedom to…

January 2022

Introducing the Second Lab Leak Theory, a game of narrative reality.

December 2021

It’s been two months now since I quit working in the company that bought my startup. Two months into this phase of the void. I was looking forward to…

November 2021

Or is the Universe learning new tricks?
Six years ago, I co-founded a startup. We set out to answer a hard question—maybe an impossible one.

May 2021

If a good deed is done and no one is around to see it, does it make a sound?

November 2020

On the network effects of lockdowns, Zoom fatigue and weekend walks. And their unexpected, positive implications.