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That is a very interesting and complex topic. I often wonder about John Nash and how different he is to these “mediums” or people who say they can “channel”. How does one know if he is talking to or channeling God, Mary Magdalen, Rembrandt or if he is just a lunatic or schizofrenic? One can really wonder - Is there one objective truth? Because for Nash - he clearly saw these persons, they were real to him, but they were not real to the other people. So is the truth defined by what “most” people think? I doubt that. However, I would love to have a definition and understanding of what actually is “real”. Like in the movie Inception - was it actually reality at the end? But more importantly - does it matter if it was or not? Can we live in an illusion or do we need to be searching for objective truth? And yet again - how does one define objective truth? Isnt it always subjective? Well, I have more questions than answers but it is intriguing to think about it.

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