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Filip Dousek is the author of Flock Without Birds - a novel about the illusions that make up our world.

Previously, he was the founder and CEO of Stories.bi, a startup pioneering augmented analytics. Stories became a Gartner Cool Vendor and was acquired by Workday, Inc.
Filip speaks and writes about AI, paradigm shifts, mental models and inner planets.

10-Year Horizon

This newsletter focuses on topics that will still matter in 10 years. This filters out noise like current politics, weather and 95% of everything else.

It’s short, infrequent and contains a few links and thoughts that passed the filter. Sample topics:

Books (worth reading sometime in the next 10 years).

AI, data, analytics (will shape our civilization more than politics).

Mental models (will influence the trajectory more than hacks).

Paradigms (will shape the trajectory more than trends).

The psyche (the place we’ll all be at in 10 years).

Nature of time and reality (do we have to wait 10 years?)

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AI & analytics founder. Author of Flock Without Birds. Paradigms, mental models, inner planets.